Dear friends (and the curious),

For 14 years now I’ve been providing a daily weather column for the Reno Gazette Journal, never thinking that there might be some other outlets for the meteorological musings in addition to that fine paper. People have asked me for quite a while if I wrote a blog, and I never gave it much thought…but the time has come. Most of the content here will be drawn from the RGJ weather column, but hopefully will also draw from guest posts and other items of interest in the world of science and more specifically meteorology.

I will welcome comments, with a few ground rules: 1. Keep it clean. I have a very low tolerance for R and X rated language. If you can’t express yourself without using overly-colorful vernacular, please keep your comments to yourself. 2. Keep it respectful. That includes any comments to the host or moderator of this blog (me,) but also to other folks making comments. I welcome spirited debate on the topics raised, but let’s keep in mind we are all (or should be) friends, and give the respect to other’s opinions that you would expect yours to receive. 3. I reserve the right to limit the topics covered, and to not let this become the repository for conspiracy topics, including Chemtrails, HAARP, UFOs, etc. I am not saying you don’t have the right to post your thoughts and links on those topics…but do it on your own blog.

I am still quite new at this, and I am sure this will evolve as time goes on. In the meantime, welcome to my little corner of the atmosphere.

Mike Alger, Chief Meteorologist, KTVN TV, Reno, NV