Lots of clouds, not much of anything else…that pretty well sums up the forecast for the next week. The main storm track is staying too far to the north to do more than drag some cloudiness over the top of the ridge of high pressure. Temperatures will stay above average throughout, rising from the mid-50s Friday into the low 60s by the end of the weekend. A few light sprinkles aren’t out of the question, especially on the western slopes of the Sierra and in the extreme northern part of Nevada, but apart from that, pickings will be slim.

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Air Quality Codes… are they fair? (Part 1)

We’ve been battling cold-air inversions here in western Nevada which has really mucked up our air quality. That’s caused several Red Alert wood burning bans here in the Truckee Meadows. On that subject, a while back Alex Touyarot had to vent: “Why do wood burners always get blamed for poor air quality? Does no one notice the roiling clouds of dust from all the “*&^#(@ )” that NDOT spews all over the highway? Should we ban all driving too?” He has a point, but it’s not all that simple. I’ll explain more tomorrow.