Once again, we will have a plethora of cloud cover without getting the precipative (how’s that for a new word?) benefits thereof. A series of Pacific storm systems will pass through to our north, dragging clouds over our ridge of high pressure, but confining all the rain and high elevation snow to the north. Our only slight chance of some scattered showers comes in late Sunday night, but even if we do get something, it won’t be much. Temperatures will remain warm, topping out near 60 degrees Sunday.

Road dust

Yesterday, a reader wondered why the burn codes only affected wood burning, when driving cars, in particular road dust, was also a major contributor. That’s a legitimate comment, but I don’t think wood burners are solely being blamed for the problem. As pointed out the autos are probably contributing their share of pollution, but cutting back on burning is something that is at least practical to do without paralyzing the community, like would happen if you tried to ban driving. And not all particulate pollution is the same. Lately it has been the fine particulates (2.5 microns) that have been the worst, which is the size of smoke particles, whereas road dust is larger (10 microns), and the 10 micron levels haven’t been reaching the unhealthy levels.