First the good news: We’ve gone from one of the driest Januarys on record to already having more than an average month’s precipitation in Reno, and we are still not a third of the way through the month. The Reno airport has recorded 1.21” of rainfall in February, nearly all of which has fallen since Friday afternoon. And it’s a good thing that we have a jump on the month, because it looks like we are all done with rain for the next week. A ridge of high pressure will build back into the west coast, diverting the storm track back up to our north. That will bring back mostly sunny skies across western Nevada (although some patch fog Tuesday morning is possible.) Temperatures will gradually increase, from the low 50s Tuesday rising into the 60s by Thursday.

foggy 2

I mentioned the possibility of fog forming. Around here, forecasting fog can be quite a challenge, because even if you have all the ingredients, the meteorological cake still may not rise, if you will. Tomorrow, I’ll talk about how the dew point comes into play.