Plenty of sunshine for the next several days as a high pressure ridge strengthens and moves onshore. Temperatures will rise into the upper 50s in Reno on Wednesday, and then should reach the 60s by Thursday and stay there right on through the President’s Day weekend. Winds will be fairly light throughout as well, and apart from some cloudiness moving in Sunday and Monday, there’s really not much else to see through the forecast period.


We’ve been talking about the dewpoint lately. The dewpoint can give you a baseline for how low your temperatures can go. That’s because from a practical point of view, the temperature will not fall below the dewpoint. It doesn’t necessarily mean if the dewpoint is 25 degrees in the afternoon that the overnight low can’t fall below that number, but in order to do so the air has to lose some of its moisture. It usually does that by condensing some of the water vapor out of the air as the temperature meets the dewpoint. But that will slow down your cooling due to a thing called latent heat. More on that tomorrow.