The clouds we’ve been seeing across western Nevada should clear out for a day on Thursday as the ridge of high pressure builds onshore, kicking the clouds out and raising temperatures back into the 70s. Highs move into the mid-70s Friday before another weak storm system passes through, missing us just far enough to the north to keep us from getting any precipitation, but enough to bring back some cloud cover, cooler and breezy conditions. Highs for the weekend will drop back into the mid-60s with partly cloudy conditions.


Jerry asked: “How far west do you look to get a handle on upcoming weather? It seems since lows and highs seem to spin around the globe it’s reasonable that looking west like at China, Mongolia, Russia, and looking at their stuff you might see trends like hotter, colder, etc. soon to be in our back yard.”

If you really want to get technical, I look all around the globe (at least the entire northern hemisphere), since the whole atmosphere is interconnected. But I look most intently at what is going on from here out into the central Pacific, and less so at the rest of the Pacific.

There are exceptions. More on that tomorrow.