After some Monday thunderstorms, we will be in between weather systems on Tuesday, resulting in a dry and mild day with some afternoon clouds in the Reno area. The thunderstorms could still pop up south of Highway 50. A cold low pressure center will drop down out of the northwest, cooling us off into the 60s on Wednesday and dropping temperatures even further into the 50s on Thursday and Friday. As that low drops down, we pick up a chance of showers and thunderstorms Wednesday through Saturday, with snow levels that could potentially drop as low as the higher mountain passes by Thursday. Temperatures warm slightly as we head into the weekend.


When last we met, I was talking about nor’easters. They generally occur between the months of October and April, when the contrast between the cold arctic air and the warm Gulf Stream is the greatest. There are two main components involved: A deep low pressure center which generally forms off the coast of Florida and is fed by the warm Gulf Waters. This interacts with a cold arctic high dropping down from Canada. The interaction produces strong dynamics that can not only result in heavy rain and/or snow, but also hurricane force winds.