Some might call it professional courtesy, but it looks like Mother Nature will give all the moms out there a pretty sweet Mother’s Day. The low pressure center that has kept us cool and unsettles will move out of Nevada, allowing a high pressure ridge to build back into the Great Basin. A few clouds could pop up in the afternoon, but it should stay dry throughout the weekend, with temperatures on Saturday reaching the low to mid-70s, and then climbing into the upper-70s by Sunday.

wormie woopie!

So worms come out after a rain in order to breed. The rain allows them to come to the surface, freeing them up to be exposed to air without drying out their sensitive skin. Apparently worms can’t get too amorous while underground. For the geometrically challenged, this does require some spatial thinking to completely grasp, but I think most of you can figure it out on your own. So when their little wormy hormones start to rage, up to the surface they have to go. But if they try to get frisky while on the surface during sunny weather, they risk dehydrating and turning into nature’s version of worm jerky… it’s not how you want to be remembered.

There are some wormologists who claim it is overstating it to say they only come out to breed. But the rain does allow them to survive for a while on the surface to do… whatever.

I’m not looking. But it is kind of a romantic idea that a walk…er…crawl in the rain can bring out the wormy whoopee in annelids everywhere.