Wednesday will likely be the last semi-stable day we get here in the Truckee Meadows for a while. An offshore trough of low pressure will continue to creep onshore, with enough stabilizing southwest flow Wednesday to keep us dry, though cloudy. The trough closes into a low that sits right over western Nevada Thursday and Friday, making scattered showers and thunderstorms a decent bet right into the weekend. The trough continues to rotate lows around the region through the weekend and into the first of next, allowing occasional showers and keeping temperatures 10-15 degrees cooler than average.


In cold water it is almost impossible to swim more than a half mile before hypothermia sets in, so wear that personal floatation device. But even if you wear a life jacket, striking off for the shore that is more than a half-mile away could be a fatal mistake. I have always thought that you would stay warmer if you tried to swim vigorously, but experts disagree. According to, swimming actually increases heat loss by 35-50%, and you’d likely be unconscious before you reached dry land.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you what you should do should you find yourself in cold water well offshore.