For those of you keeping score at home, we have already had an entire month’s worth of precipitation in the first 20 days of May, and it looks like we will only add to that through the rest of the week. A cold trough of low pressure is still stuck on the west coast, and it will stay there into the weekend, keeping our high temperatures in the mid-60s and bringing scattered rain showers. Snow in the mountains won’t be much of an issue until you climb above the 8,000’ level, so unless you are driving over the very high mountain passes wet roads should take precedence over white ones. The trough weakens and fills a bit by the end of the weekend, and temperatures should warm back into the 70s by the first of next week, although a slight chance of mainly afternoon showers will remain in the forecast through next Wednesday.
While it would be nice to think the latest precipitation will make a dent in the drought, in reality the best thing about it is to slow down water use in the short term, hopefully saving a little more in the drought reserves for later in the summer.