We have one more day of relatively mild and stable weather before a low pressure center sets up off southern California to bring us a series of thunderstorms for the end of the week. For Wednesday, the critical low will begin its drop from the northwest, and will slide to the south passing to our west. There will still be a stabilizing westerly flow to keep thunderstorms from building up, but by Thursday, it sets up far enough to the south to give us an unstable southerly flow. Afternoon thunderstorms will form Thursday and will stick around through the weekend. Temperatures will drop to the mid-70s Thursday and bounce around between that and the low 80s through Sunday.

May Rain

Several have asked: “Has the rain we have been getting over the last weeks helped any with the dry conditions we had over the winter?”

While I’m not going to say that it isn’t doing us any good at all, I wish I could say it was an appreciable help in the big picture. Tomorrow, I’ll talk a little about the pros (and even some cons) as a result of our latest wet May.