Things will heat up and the skies will clear out as the low pressure center that caused all the storminess moves out of the region, and is replaced by a strong and very warm ridge of high pressure. Our skies will be sunny and winds will be fairly light, with valley high temperatures climbing into the low 90s and staying there through the weekend and through most of the next work week.

magnetic field

In the past I mentioned that the earth’s magnetic field will flip over now and again, on average every quarter million years or so. Barbara wondered: “I don’t understand what it means for the magnetic poles to reverse. Does the earth all of a sudden flip over?  If not, how do you know the poles have reversed?”

It’s not a physical flipping over of the earth… it just has to do with magnetic north switching with magnetic south. As you know, magnets have a north and south pole… for some reason over geologic time these flip for the earth’s magnetic field, nearly instantaneously from a geologic perspective. More on this tomorrow.