It’s almost a perfect thunderstorm setup. A low pressure center off the California coast has synergistically lined up with a Four-Corners high pressure center to pull up a very moist and unstable monsoonal flow. Mild and generally dry mornings will turn into active afternoons with the possibility of flooding rains from thunderstorms. As of this writing, there hasn’t been a Flash Flood Watch posted for Tuesday, but there is a good chance there will be in the morning. The aforementioned low pressure center moves a little closer which will drop our high temperatures into the mid-80s on Tuesday, and will eventually fall all the way to the upper 70s by Thursday. Thunderstorms will continue through the rest of the work week before beginning to clear out over the weekend.

flash-flood-warning Flood Watch

I mentioned the possibility of a Flash Flood Watch on Tuesday. Many get confused between a Flash Flood Watch and a Flash Flood Warning. If a Watch is issued, that means the conditions are such that flash flooding could occur, and it generally issued somewhere on the order of a day ahead of when the flooding might occur. A Warning has a much shorter fuse, and means that flooding is already occurring or is imminent.