It’s not often that I forecast Flash Flooding, but I see no reason not to expect more areas of flooding the next couple of days. The overall pattern of an offshore low combining with a Four-Corners high remains unchanged through Friday, and even though temperatures will drop to the low 80s and upper 70s by Thursday, the added dynamics of the low will keep the pattern active.

The low finally kicks out late Friday which will allow things to warm up, but should also decrease the chances of thunderstorms through the weekend.

Never leave children unattended in a car...even "for just a minute."

Never leave children unattended in a car…even “for just a minute.”

The return to warmer temperatures ought to be a reminder to us all about the importance of being meticulous with the care of our children and pets while we are driving, or parking for that matter. It may seem impossible to imagine that anyone could leave a small child in a car alone in this kind of heat, but the sad facts spell out a different story. Already this year, 8 children have been killed nationwide after being left or trapped in cars in the heat, and over the last 17 years that number horrifyingly leaps to well over 600. More on this tomorrow.