Warmer temperatures are on track to warm up into the 90s on Wednesday and then to get close to triple digits on Thursday as the ridge of high pressure continues to build in from the west. Skies will remain mostly sunny through Thursday, but as the heat sticks around with light winds, afternoon cloudiness will develop with a chance of afternoon thundershowers from Friday through the weekend.

bad tan

Yesterday I made an admittedly a very incomplete list of people most susceptible to UV exposure (for instance, I left golfers off the list, who may spend more time out in the sun than any other recreational group), but when it comes right down to it, we all need to take care when it comes to protecting ourselves from what is becoming more of a killer all the time. The term “healthy tan” is really an oxymoron, because a tan is really just the skin acting to try to protect itself from something (radiation) that is doing damage.

And one question that many ask is just how does the skin burn or tan in the sun? I’ll tackle that tomorrow.