We are on the cusp of another change in the weather. An offshore low pressure center is making its way toward the California coast, bringing showers and thunderstorms back into the weather picture by early Friday. For Thursday, sunny skies will start the day with some cloudiness moving in by the afternoon ahead of the aforementioned low. By late Thursday night, a chance of showers moves into the area and continues through Friday evening. The system moves through quickly and by Saturday any showers should move well to our northeast. Temperatures will heat up to the low 90s Thursday, drop to the upper 70s Friday before rebounding to the mid to upper 80s Saturday.

indoor lightning

Kim wrote in and wondered: “Is there any logical reason to close an indoor swimming pool during a lightning storm? The pool in question is located on the bottom floor of a high rise building. There is a large window located twenty feet from the end of the pool and the building is a steel frame structure. Both factors have been given as reasons to close the facility. I would be interested to know your opinion on the possible lightning strike danger.”

I’ll give my opinion tomorrow.