It looks like it will be a pretty uneventful week ahead. A low pressure center off the Pacific Northwest coastline will drop a little to the south and take up residence off the northern California coastline, but without moving right over us, it should only serve to keep us in a dry southwesterly flow. Mostly sunny skies with temperatures just slightly below average (upper-80s to low-90s) will carry us through the week.


Gary just asked me the following: “I have an antique aneroid barometer that was working in Australia but since it arrived by air in Yerington it does not work. Can you recommend where I can have it repaired and calibrated?”

I’m not so sure that it is broken. I suspect that it isn’t working because of the difference in altitude between here and Australia. I especially feel this way if the reading is pegged at the bottom. Most barometers don’t show a reading below 28 inches of mercury. That’s because barometers measure (curiously enough) “barometric pressure.” Tomorrow I’ll tell you what that is and why you have to do some adjusting when you move.