The forecast word of the week is cooler. A dry cold front passing through Wednesday night will lower Thursday’s highs to the upper 70s, and will be followed quickly by another Friday, which will drop Saturday’s highs into the upper 60s, and brings in a slight chance of a shower, with emphasis on “slight.” As the colder air moves in, the winds will be pretty strong into the weekend, with Friday gusts in the 35-45 mph range along with all the blowing dust and more that you could want (especially for the Burners up in the Black Rock Desert.)

Dust Burners

For those thinking of boating at Tahoe or Pyramid Lake, be aware of wave heights that could top the three foot mark.

By Sunday, the cold air should rotate through, and the skies should clear out and the temperatures should recover quickly, rising to the upper 70s on Sunday and then to the mid-80s to finish off the Labor Day weekend on Monday. By mid-week, it looks like we could make another run at the 90 degree mark.