Western Wildfires-Reno Smoke

Strong winds ahead of and following a series of cold fronts will eventually give us some relief from the heavy smoke that has settled in to western Nevada, but that relief could take a while to come into full effect. Temperatures will drop into the low 70s Tuesday and then fall to the mid-60s on Wednesday as the fronts pass through, kicking up wind gusts in the 40 mph range, and giving us a slight chance of a shower or two, especially Wednesday, although the mountains will shadow us out in the valley for the most part. Speaking of the mountains, these systems are cold enough to bring some snow to the upper elevations of the mountains, although it’s unlikely the snow levels will be low enough to impact travel over the major passes.

First snow

Temperatures will start to rebound Thursday, although you might want to cover up the tomatoes Thursday morning as ground frosts are a real possibility, especially in the outlying regions. Highs bounce back into the mid-70s Thursday, the upper 70s Friday and will be back in the 80s in time for the weekend.