The last of several cold fronts is passing through the region, leaving behind some cold mornings and a dry and warming trend for the rest of the week. Localized frosts are possible, especially outside the center of Reno, Thursday and Friday mornings. But as a ridge of high pressure builds in, skies will clear out and high temperatures will rise from the low 70s Thursday to the upper-70s Friday, mid-80s Saturday to about 90 degrees on Sunday. Winds should be fairly mild throughout.


Yesterday it was asked if a hurricane couldn’t be stopped by cloud seeding or by lobbing some bombs into it. Wouldn’t that be nice? For time immemorial, mankind has been frustrated by having to live under the old adage, “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” And as a result, many interesting proposals have been thrown out for ways to stop hurricanes (and modify the weather in other ways), but none are considered practical and/or effective. We don’t have the means to affect something as large and energetic as a hurricane. The power in a hurricane is so immense that blowing stuff up in them would really amount to spitting in the ocean, as it were.