Finally there are some changes on our way that could produce some showers. The steady stream of sub-tropical moisture producing our cloudiness could produce a light rain shower Wednesday, but the odds become better on Thursday as some moderate dynamics mix in with the flow. That will also significantly lower our temperatures from the low 80s Wednesday into the mid-70s Thursday and Friday. A quick rebound Saturday will take another hit on Sunday as a cold low will drop out of the northeast, causing our temperatures to fall all the way into the 60s Sunday.

Radiation budget

Yesterday I mentioned that while a blanket traps heat by acting as an insulator, clouds are different. A blanket stops heat loss by conduction and convection. But a blanket has almost no effect on radiational heat loss of a human body, unless you’re sleeping outside. But then, I guess you’d use a sleeping bag, wouldn’t you?

Clouds only act to block the loss of radiation (actually absorbing it and re-radiating it back down), so they really act differently than a blanket. Maybe they are more akin to a space blanket if you must use the analogy.

space blanket