After an impressive amount of rainfall, the skies should clear up across western Nevada on Friday. Temperatures will rebound to the mid-70s Friday and Saturday, before another cold low pressure center comes in, this time dropping down out of the north, driving temperatures back down into the 60s Sunday and Monday, and bringing back in a chance of rain showers. Things should dry out and warm up by the middle of next week.


As I mentioned yesterday, it is now time to start tweaking your irrigation systems to use less water. Not only does it save water (and I’m sure I don’t have to say that is a great idea…we still don’t know what this winter will bring), but it is also actually good for your lawns and gardens. As the temperatures drop and we move closer to winter, slowly crimping back on water will help your yards prepare to go dormant when the really cold weather hits. And since we are now tapping into our drought reserves, every drop we save this fall means more drops we will have to start with next year.


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