Another record high bites the dust on Tuesday, and we have a chance at one more Wednesday as the ridge of high pressure withstands the slow approach of a closed low from the south. Said low will bring some clouds into the region Wednesday, and by Thursday said clouds could bring an isolated shower/thunderstorm or two. The slight chance (20%) of showers continues through the weekend before drying out Monday. Temperatures will also cool down significantly. Highs in the mid-80s Wednesday and Thursday will drop to the lower-80s Friday before crashing to the lower 70s and upper 60s over the weekend.

Cold springs

A while back, a viewer reported that her temperature out in Cold Springs was already 30 degrees at our news time, a fact I dutifully reported on air. Another Cold Springs viewer took issue, saying it was 40 degrees at her Cold Springs home at the same time. So who was right? Very possibly, they both were. Believe it or not, the temperature out there, and in most valleys, can vary that much. Tomorrow, I’ll explain how.