Here we are two days into November, and we’ve already recorded more than an average month’s worth of precipitation. And while it’s not a sure bet, there’s a decent chance we will add to that over the next couple of days. A cold and unstable airmass will settle into the region through mid-week, giving us a chance of scattered rain or snow showers, but if it is snow it’s not likely there will any significant accumulation in the lower valleys, and likely only minor accumulations in the foothills.

hard freeze

With the cold air also come the first widespread hard freezes in the western Nevada valleys. Low temperatures in the upper-20s Wednesday morning will plummet to the lower 20s to upper teens on Thursday morning. High temperatures in the mid-40s early in the week will rise back into the mid-50s by the weekend.


Here’s why opening windows is a bad idea if a tornado is approaching: As the wind strikes the side of the house, it is forced up and over the top of the house, much the same as with a wing. The lift caused by this can in effect “raise the roof.” If your windows are opened, the wind rushing in could put more force on the inside of the roof and walls, making the roof even more likely to disengage and making the house even more likely to collapse.