Cold and unstable air will remain over the region for another couple of days, with a slight chance of springing up an isolated snow shower or two, but not likely to result in any accumulations. The cold air will result in hard freezes across western Nevada, with lows dropping well into the 20s Wednesday morning, and the low-20s to upper-teens on Thursday morning. The cold and unstable air will possibly cause some lake effect snow south of Tahoe, Pyramid and Walker Lakes, but the range of possible accumulations from that is very broad. Things clear out and start to warm up as we head into the weekend before another storm system tries to move through the first of next week.

tornado 2

So what should we do if a tornado is approaching our house? The best thing to do if there is a tornado warning issued in your area is to head for the basement. If your house doesn’t have a basement, then a bathroom, especially one in the interior of the house, is your next best bet (the plumbing in the walls makes them stronger). If you can’t fit the whole family in the bathroom (you mean you’ve never tried?), then a walk-in closet is your next choice. But whatever you do, stay away from the windows.

tornado window

They can be a real pane.