A very cold start to Thursday will limit how fast we warm things up as we head into the weekend. Morning temperatures in the teens to low 20s to start the day will rise back into the mid to upper-40s in the afternoon as some clouds pass through, although the clouds are unlikely to produce any showers. The skies clear Friday and Saturday, allowing a slight warming into the 50s, and then the next storm system comes through the region late Sunday night bringing back another chance of mountain snow and valley rain or snow.


By now you will probably have had the benefit of that extra hour’s sleep afforded to you by the end of Daylight Saving Time last Sunday. Of course, for the last seven years we’ve gotten an extra week of Daylight Saving after Congress voted to delay the switch back into the first Sunday of November (from the last Sunday in October). But just where did this whole Daylight Saving thing come from, anyway? Over the next few days we will talk a bit about DST’s history, and the logic behind the shifting of the clocks.