A sunny and somewhat warmer Saturday will be followed by another winter storm which will move into the region Sunday afternoon through Monday. Strong winds associated with the cold front will create a substantial rain shadow with the first wave on Sunday, limiting or even eliminating any rain we could get in the valley Sunday. The mountains are likely to get a fair shot of snow through the event, although this is not as wet a storm system as the one we saw earlier in the week. As the front passes through western Nevada Sunday night snow levels should drop to the valley floor, and scattered snow showers could occur in Reno, although most of the action once again will be up in the mountains.

Daylight Saving shrug

Many wonder if Daylight Saving Time does any good. There seems to be evidence that it does have benefits. The Department of Transportation estimates that there is a small (less than 1%), but measurable energy savings thanks to DST. In the summer, we tend to stay out later and use less lighting with the later sunset, and in the winter half of the year, the “earlier” sunrise helps us use less energy in the morning. The only time there doesn’t appear to be a savings is from November through February, when the days are too short to make a difference.


Although most people like Daylight Saving, there is a significant portion of the population who could do without it. Farmers (who rise with the sun anyway) and those with sleep disorders tend to have a tough time adjusting to the time change.

no s

A common mistake many make is to put an “s” at the end of “Saving.” The correct term is “Daylight Saving” and not “Daylight Savings”. If you add the “s”, that’s ok… a lot of people do that to my name as well.