We should have a break in the action this weekend, with partly to mostly cloudy conditions and cool temperatures. A weak system will pass through on Sunday, which could result in some light snow in the mountains, but it is unlikely it will have the oomph to get anything into the valley. Beginning next week, the pattern begins to settle into a fairly active one, with storm coming through the region every other day or so, with the strongest and wettest expected Thursday into Friday.

street lamp

Darryl has been noticing our rapidly darkening afternoons, and had the following question: “Mike, I notice it’s getting to be less and less daylight now. I was wondering if you could tell me what’s the date of the shortest day of the year?”

Winter Solstice

That’s a pretty easy one to answer. The shortest day of the year occurs at the Winter Solstice, which occurs this and most years on December 21. It’s on that day that we are at the point in our orbit around the sun when our northern hemisphere is tilting the farthest away from the sun. Of course, in the southern hemisphere that’s the longest day of the year.