While we will have a bit of a break in the action on Friday, we are still in a reasonable active pattern that looks like will stick around for the next week at least. After variable amounts of cloudiness on Friday with highs in the upper 30s, the next storm system moves onshore late Friday night into Saturday. As has been the case with the other storms this week, this next one isn’t real strong in itself, but could result in several inches of additional snow for the mountains, and perhaps minor valley accumulations. After another break Sunday additional systems are lined up for next week.

John Knott Darth Nino

“Darth Nino” artwork by John Knott

Jim noticed that I recently mentioned that these latest storms have more of an archetypal “El Niño” signature, and he wondered: “Does such a system mean that we will see the jet stream drop lower towards the Hawaiian Islands and the systems are warmer that leads toward flooding throughout California and Northern Nevada?” It’s understandable that Jim would assume that anything associated with El Niño would naturally result in something disastrous, since that seems to be all you hear in the media. But tomorrow I’ll try and dispel some of those misconceptions.