The overall storm pattern remains quite active, with the next moving through the region on Tuesday and the next arriving on Friday. These storm systems will be a bit warmer than many that we have seen so far this season. By early Tuesday morning, the onset of the storm will drop rain below 5,500ā€™, but those snow levels will likely rise to about 6,500ā€™ (just above Lake Tahoe itself). The winds associated with this storm will be quite strong, gusting as high as 50 mph in the wind-prone valley locations, and topping 100 mph on the ridge tops, and Wind Advisories have been posted for western Nevada and the Sierra. Because of the strong winds, there will be considerable rain shadowing occurring, so rainfall amounts in the valley will be limited, and will drop off very quickly as you go east from the mountains.

There will be a bit of a break Wednesday and Thursday with mild temperatures (in the 50s) before the next storm arrives, bringing a good chance of rain which might turn to snow Friday into Saturday.