We have a break in the action for the next several days as a ridge of high pressure settles in over the west coast. Mostly sunny skies will cover the region for most of Tuesday, although variable amounts of cloudiness will likely work their way over the ridge as the week progresses. Temperatures will rise from the upper 40s Tuesday and could reach the lower 60s by Friday as the next storm system works its way here, and this upcoming weekend has a chance of being pretty wet.


Loop of Total Precipitable Water from Jan 22-Jan 25, 2016.

Speaking of this next storm system, it’s starting to shape up to have some characteristics of an atmospheric river (what we used to call a Pineapple Express.) If you are looking for a very wet pattern, it doesn’t get much better than an AR. An AR can take a deep plume of moisture, usually from the tropics (hence the Pineapple moniker) and transport it on a straight jet stream straight at the west coast, and are responsible for the largest precipitation events in our neck of the woods. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you more about ARs and why they can be so wet.