We have one more day of sunny and warm conditions before winter decides to make a comeback. Tuesday should come in with mostly sunny skies and near record high temperatures. But the ridge of high pressure begins to break down on Wednesday, and a reasonably good sized winter storm will push through the region. In the valley, the winds will be the most noticeable initial effect, and a Valley wind advisory kicks in throughout the day on Wednesday. By Wednesday afternoon rain is likely to fall in the mountains with initially high snow levels. Snow levels should fall below the passes in the late afternoon and will continue to fall to close to valley floor elevations by Thursday morning. A Winter Storm Watch is in effect for the mountains from 7 pm Wednesday night until noon on Thursday.  Snowfall amounts will vary greatly depending on elevation, but the ridge tops could receive well over a foot of snow, while the lake Tahoe area could see several inches. It’s unlikely that the lowest valleys will receive any accumulations, however the Thursday morning commute could get a little dicey in the North Valley’s and in the foothills.