Since it looks like we will be dry for a while let’s look back at some of the best winters in history. Some of the most impressive winters have been found right here in our backyard, especially when you look at individual snowstorms. The greatest snowfall ever to drop out of a single storm occurred at Mt. Shasta Ski Bowl in 1959, when a six day long storm dumped 189 inches of snow.


The west has had its share of other records, as well. In fact most of the extreme snowfall records occur on this side of the continental divide.

Silver Lake

Silver Lake, Colorado, 1921

The greatest snow accumulation in a 24 hour period: 75.8 inches at Silver Lake, Colorado, April 14-15, 1921.

Greatest snowfall in a calendar month: 390 inches at Tamarack, California in January of 1911. Tamarack also holds the honor of having the greatest snow depth on the ground that year, topping out at a whopping 451 inches of snowpack in March of 1911. That’s nearly 40 feet! Keep in mind that this is snowpack we’re talking here, not snowfall.  To get that much snowpack, you would almost certainly have had at least twice that much snowfall.