Once again the weather will remain dry through the rest of the week thanks to a healthy ridge of high pressure built up across the west coast. Temperatures will warm into the mid to upper 60s through Friday before easing back to the low 60s over the weekend. Skies will range from sunny to occasional high cloudiness.

Snowflake large

Speaking of snowfall records, in Montana back in 1887, it wouldn’t take long to set records if a wild snowstorm had just lasted a little longer. During this storm, the largest snowflakes ever recorded fell over an area of several square miles, and were described as being “larger than milk pans”. Failing to find “milk pans” in the International Standards of Weights and Measures, they were measured by more a mundane method (a ruler), and found to be 15 inches across, and 8 inches thick!

Now if all of this depresses you, and leaves you yearning for some more snow coming our way, take heart. Some of our best snow events have taken place from the middle of February through March.

At least enough to fill up a few milk pans.