Temperatures will run well above average for the next couple of days as the west coast ridge of high pressure resists the attempts of offshore weather systems to break it down. Variable amounts of high cloudiness will still come through the region Thursday and Friday ahead of a weak cold front that will give us a slight chance of an isolated shower north of I-80 Friday night. The front will kick up some relatively strong winds Friday, and will drop our temperatures from the upper 60s Thursday and Friday to the low 60s on Saturday. Another weak system moves through late Sunday into Monday bringing another slight chance of showers.


An Erupting Prominence. Prominences are huge clouds of relatively cool, dense plasma suspended in the Sun’s hot, thin corona. Like this large, twirling prominence, they can sometimes erupt and escape the Sun’s atmosphere. SOHO, January 18, 2000

Our latest sun breaks were probably the impetus for the following: “Our high desert summer sun is intense. What is it about the sun that makes it so physically draining while one is lounging about in a deck chair, but when the temperature is only 65 degrees?” I’ll refrain from talking about spending too much time lounging in deck chairs, and tell you why direct sunshine feels so hot. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you of two different ways how the sun can heat you up.