As we head into the weekend, there will be two different weather events which will impact the mountains more than the valleys, but will likely leave their marks everywhere. Initially, a Wind Advisory is posted for western Nevada and the Sierra Thursday as a cold front approaches and moves on the coast. There’s only a slight chance (20%) of any showers Thursday in Reno and only slightly better chance (30%) on Friday, although the mountains do have a better shot with relatively high snow levels. There is a brief break Saturday morning before a colder and more vigorous storm comes in Saturday night and Sunday. Snow amounts could be very significant for the mountains in this second wave, with a foot or more eventually accumulating at lake level, with the crests potentially totaling up amounts on the order of a couple of feet or more.

The snow level drops enough Monday morning so that we might see some snow in the lower valley elevations, but it is unlikely there will be significant accumulations until you get up into the upper foothills.