This will be a much different week than the last. A ridge of high pressure will build into the west coast, kicking the storm track well to our north and bringing back sunnier and warmer conditions. A few clouds left over on Tuesday will likely clear out on Wednesday, and the skies should stay sunny through the rest of the work week. Temperatures will rise to the upper 50s Tuesday and continue to climb into the mid-60s into and through the weekend.

Snow pellets

Graupel…otherwise known as “Snow Pellets.”

One type of snow (graupel seems to be a crowd favorite) piqued Jeanne’s interest: “You referred to graupel… is this the same as “corn snow”?  What would be the difference?”

Corn Snow

Skiing corn snow.

It isn’t the same. One is a type of snow that falls… the other a type of snow after it falls. As a skier, I always considered corn snow to be snow that had gone through several freeze-thaw cycles, creating a crumbly this surface layer that’s easier to get an edge on. After researching it a bit, I find that I remembered correctly. Corn snow can initially fall in any state, but only becomes such after several days of thermal cycles. It is a highly prized spring skiing condition, when light fluffy powder conditions become rare.