Now that spring has officially begun, as often happens around here the weather will turn back to a wintrier pattern for a bit. A fairly cold low pressure center will push onshore passing through the northern part of the Silver State, dropping temperatures into the 40s and giving us a chance of rain or snow showers. I don’t expect any significant valley accumulations, although an inch is possible up in the foothills. The mountains should see more significant accumulations, as much as 8” on the peaks, with a few inches at most around the lake itself.

The system blows through the region fairly quickly, and by Wednesday the skies should partly clear and conditions should dry out in general. Temperatures warm back into the 50d Wednesday and then climb into the 60s Thursday through the weekend.


I get the following request a lot. Marci wrote me to tell me that her son Luke just got a new weather set. (I hear tell Luke is after my job.) She knew that the barometer needed to be set to Reno’s elevation, and wondered how to calibrate it. I told her to set it to 29.89 inches of mercury (the pressure at the time), and Bob’s your uncle, Luke will be on his way to meteorological harmony. But there was another issue, which I’ll tackle tomorrow.