The weather looks very unsettled over the next week. A warm sub-tropical low pressure center will be coming up from the south, and will haul up a lot of moist air with it. While the dynamics aren’t real strong, the added water in the air makes rain showers pretty likely starting tomorrow afternoon, and a series of progressively cooler lows will move through the region for the next six or seven days. Snow levels will be very high, likely above 9,000’ Friday and dropping to the 7,500-8,000’ level Saturday and Sunday.

Wind damage

All the wind we had this year probably is what prompted the following from Dan: “I’ve often wondered why we don’t get more damage than we do when we get these strong winds. Perhaps the air density at this altitude makes comparable velocities less damaging than at lower altitudes. If that is the case, is there a method to calculate the actual force or perhaps differentiate damage from a 100 mph wind at sea level and at 5000 ft. elevation? Something like “our 100 mph wind is like a 75 mph wind at sea level.” Basically, he’s right, and I’ll tell you more tomorrow.