After a quick shot of wintry weather, spring will come charging back at a pretty good clip. The low pressure center which brought a brief spate of snow showers Thursday morning will move to southern Nevada Friday. Cool northerly flow around the low will keep us in the mid-50s Friday, but as the low moves east over the weekend and high pressure builds back in the skies will clear off and temperatures will soar into the high 60s Saturday and the mid-70s by Sunday. We should stay warm and dry through next week.

Sierra snowpack sat

Tom wondered why we used April 1 as the “official” end of the snow year, if we can still get more snow. When it comes down to it, it is really all semantics. The stream forecasts are updated throughout the spring (as they have been monthly up to this point), so from a practical standpoint, it really doesn’t matter when the “official” snow season ends. They use the April 1 date because on average, that is about when the water content in the snow is at its maximum. Some years the maximum is later, but there are years when it peaks in early March (last year was a good example). So they have to pick a date, and April 1 seems to work pretty well.