We have one more storm system moving through the region Wednesday and Thursday before things clear out for the weekend. Wednesday’s storm is of moderate strength, and there’s enough instability in the airmass that a few thunderstorms could pop up amongst the rest of the shower activity. Snow levels will start out just below Lake Tahoe level Wednesday morning, and should rise slightly to just above the lake by the afternoon. High temperatures will drop to the upper 50s Wednesday before recovering to the 60s Thursday, and could hit 70 degrees by Friday.


Spring weather can be testy here… and downright crazy in other parts of the country, especially in Tornado Alley. Brad asks: “I was wondering if there is any place else on earth that experiences the number of twisters that occur along tornado alley in the Midwest?”

tornado alley

Nope… we are the tornado capitol of the world. Well more than half of all tornadoes that occur worldwide form here in the US. Cold dry air comes down out of Canada and collides with the warm moist air coming up from the Gulf of Mexico, setting up perfect conditions for supercell thunderstorms… the type of thunderstorm usually needed for tornadoes.