Scattered showers and an isolated thunderstorm chance will stick around for another day. A low pressure center is slowly moving east from southern California and should make it to eastern Arizona by Thursday evening. The flow around the low will give us a slight chance of thunderstorms Thursday, but as we go through the weekend things stabilize a bit and the chance of showers move out of the region. High temperatures rise to the mid-60s by Thursday and then hops into the low 70s by Friday. A weak cold front Friday night will drop Saturday’s highs into the 60s again, but they will recover into the 70s by the end of the weekend.

computer modle

Forecast Model for Thursday, 4/28/2016 5 pm PDT

The following ended up in my in-box: “I was listening to your weather report the other night, and heard you talk about some computer models that you use to predict the weather. Just what are these, and how do they work?”

Computers have been really important to meteorologists, providing us with crucial services. They allow us to make forecasts much further into the future, they can handle immense amounts of atmospheric data, but probably most importantly, they give us something else to blame when a forecast goes bust (to err is human… to really screw up takes a computer). I’ll tell you more tomorrow.


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