We will have a windy start to the weekend as a cool low pressure center drops through late Friday. Clouds will increase through the day Friday giving us a chance of showers and/or thundershowers Friday night into early Saturday morning. The showers should move o8ut of the western part of Nevada Saturday, but we will be left with much cooler temperatures, with Friday highs near 70 degrees falling to the low 60s Saturday. Winds will gust to near 45 mph Friday night and will remain quite gusty Saturday. Temperatures will bounce back into the 70s by Sunday.

computer modle

Forecast Model for Thursday, 4/28/2016 5 pm PDT

More on the computer models that I refer to in my forecasts: They are put together by the National Meteorological Center, another example of your tax dollars at work. The National Weather Service sends up weather balloons twice a day from about 100 locations across the country. These balloons have small radio transmitters attached which send back information on the atmosphere such as temperature, moisture, wind speeds and the like. All of this information, as well as other data from other sites around the world, is then crammed into a computer “model” of the atmosphere. The mathematics involved in designing these computer programs is very complicated, but suffice it to say, you couldn’t run one on your Nintendo. More tomorrow.

weather balloons