This is shaping up to be a pretty unsettled week as a low pressure center drops off the coast of California and very slowly moves onshore throughout the week. For Tuesday, the low will be positioned just close enough to steer a light southerly flow into the region which will combine with temperatures in the mid-70s to stir up a few scattered showers and thunderstorms, mainly in the afternoon. As the low creeps closer, temperatures will fall gradually (down to the low 60s by Friday) and the chance of rain and thunderstorms will gradually increase into the likely range by Thursday and stay that way through the weekend.


500 mb forecast for Thursday afternoon.

Mike from Glenbrook wrote in to ask: Just curious. I read where the lake (Tahoe) level is at the rim and flowing into the Truckee. However, the shoreline still looks like it’s still drought stricken. It’s better than last year but still kinda sad looking. What gives?”


Tahoe has reached its natural rim, but it has the ability to rise another 6 feet behind the dam at Tahoe City. So the extra shoreline you see comes from that room for another 6 feet of water level rise. Over the next month we will likely see another foot or so rise.

tahoe dam