This should be a much calmer, warmer and drier week than what we had last. A low pressure center passing through the Pacific Northwest will give us a dry, sunny and breezy Tuesday across the Great Basin, and will drop our high temperatures a few degrees, but we should still be mild in the low 70s. Temperatures warm up into the mid-80s by Thursday and Friday before dropping back into the 70s over the weekend.


Larry Heuer shared this: “Last Friday afternoon, my son and I headed to fish Pyramid Lake in the storm. As you probably know, fishing success is much better out there when there is a storm. When we got to the lake, I set my graphite fly rod against my steel camper top and it started arcing like crazy! The arcs were maybe as much as an inch wide and my first thought was I have an electrical issue with my new camper shell. Just then a fellow angler came hustling down the beach to us, and said his graphite fly rod was sitting on his metal ladder out in the water, and he experienced the same thing.” Tomorrow, I’ll finish Larry’s story.