We have a pretty simple forecast this week. Sunny skies and warming temperatures will be the trend through Friday, after which a weak low pressure center will move through over the weekend, dropping temperatures but limiting precipitation to at most a shower or two on Sunday. Highs will climb to the upper 70s Wednesday and then top out in the mid-80s Thursday and Friday before falling back into the 70s over the weekend.


Yesterday, Larry Heuer said he was fishing out at Pyramid Lake in stormy conditions when his fishing pole started arcing sparks against his camper shell. He goes on to say: “My first thought was a lightning bolt was about to strike my rod, so we backed off, but it continued. Note there were NO visible lighting strikes, and no thunder with the exception of one instance, but people said the storm had just passed over right before we got there. When I finally grabbed my rod, you should have felt the shock I got when I took hold of my fly rod!


“Was it just the electrical in the air or what was happening? And a bigger question, were we still safe in fishing on our metal ladders?”

I’ll answer that tomorrow.