The first half of the week should be dry, with a brief warming trend as a low pressure center in the northeast part of the state drops down to the south and temporarily allows a ridge of high pressure to build in over the western part of the state. High temperatures will rise to the mid-70s on Tuesday and then soar to the low 80s on Wednesday. After that, a chilly low pressure center drops down out of the northwest and brings several days of cooler and unsettled weather. Winds will pick up on Thursday as the temperatures drop back into the 70s, and then scattered showers and thunderstorms will settle in for the weekend, with high temperatures dropping back into the 60s Friday through Sunday.

rain reno

All in all, this has been a pretty wet winter…and it seems like with the upcoming forecast, it might just get wetter before we say goodbye to spring. But where are we in terms of precipitation down here in Reno? By just about any measure, it’s been wet. If you use the water year designation (Oct 1-September 30), we have already had 9.14 inches of precipitation, more than an inch and a half above an average year, and we still have more than 4 months to go!