Cool and unsettled weather will remain in the region for the next few days. A closed low pressure center will swing through southern California and Nevada on Tuesday and Wednesday, keeping us in the pool of cool and unstable air with enough dynamics to drive some mainly afternoon showers and thunderstorms. High temperatures will top out in the 60s through Wednesday before creeping back up into the 70s Thursday and Friday.

Looking ahead to Memorial Day Weekend, while it seems this particular holiday almost guarantees at least one storm, there is only a slight chance of any showers at this time, with mild temperatures expected throughout.

Nevada Storm

Courtesy Mt. Rose

Mary and George wondered: “Is it true Mt. Rose received 30 ft. of snow this season? What is the record snowfall for Mt. Rose & in what year did it occur?” According to Mt Rose’s website, they received between 317 and 417 inches of snow this season, depending on whether you’re looking at the base or the summit. If you take the average of those two numbers (367″) it’s almost exactly 30 feet.

Mt Rose

While that’s a decent year, the record was back in 1981-82, when 850″ (+ or -…record keeping was less than pristine back then) of snow fell at the resort.