While an isolated shower isn’t out of the question, the Memorial Day Weekend is starting to look warmer and drier than earlier thought. The low pressure center that has kept us under the unsettled weather pattern of late is starting to move off to the east, and that translates into high temperatures in the 70s by Thursday, and likely reaching the 80s by Sunday or Monday. The only realistic shot at a weekend shower is Saturday afternoon, when some pop-up thunderstorms could appear, but the odds of that are only about one in five. Temperatures continue to rise into the mid-80s my mid next week.

clouds 1

As we get into the warmer months, even if we don’t get enough buildup for showers and/or lightning, it’s a rare hot summer day around here where we don’t at least see some afternoon clouds build up. Perhaps with that in mind, Richard had the following question for me: “Why do the big white puffy clouds tend to stay together? What keeps them from spreading out and disappearing? Does it have to do with negative and positive ions? Or water molecules attracting to each other? Or something else?”  It’s a great question…one I’ll tackle tomorrow.