Even though we have had a pretty wide variety of weather the last month or so, one thing that has remained fairly constant is that the changes have been fairly slow in coming, reflecting a pretty stable global wave pattern. As we head into the rest of the week, a trough of low pressure will inch its way onshore, dropping high temperatures steadily from the low 90s Wednesday to the 80s Thursday and Friday, and bottoming out in the upper 70s over the weekend. As a result of the cold front, the winds will likely be very brisk for the next few days, likely topping out on Friday with valley gusts probably getting over 40 mph in places.

Earthquake 1

Nevada is the third most tectonically active state in the union. A reader asks: “How far away will a 7.0 earthquake effect, versus a 6.0 and 5.0?”

It’s hard to put into real precise terms, because the distance felt depends on several factors, including direction of the fault movement and the rock it is passing through, as well as the depth of the hypocenter and the surrounding geology. And the magnitude of an earthquake isn’t a measure of how far away it will be felt. More Tomorrow.